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CIC Profile

Chemical Industry Corporation Profile

Establishments:- Chemical Industry Corporation (CIC) was established by Council of Ministers Regulation No. 280/2012 on January 21, 2013 and has been managing one factory and two projects. The Corporation is a governmental development organization which has been amended and managed by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 416/2017 to include three additional factories in the sector.

Governance structure of CIC:-

  • At the top, CIC is directed under Board of Directors assigned by Ethiopia Investment Holdings. The main duties of the board are policy making and high level direction issues.
  • The corporation is managed by a Chief Executive Officer, which report to Board of Directors, and has three Corporate Deputy Chief Executive Officer s, which report to the Chief Executive Officer and Nine corporate Department Executive at corporate office.
  • Respective factories and Projects have their own management team.

Authorized Capital: - ETB 21.72 Billion; paid up in capital and in kind 6.59 Billion.

Mission:- To manufacture competitively fertilizer, cement, natural rubber and chemical products for domestic consumption and export market through environmentally friendly production processes.

Vision:-  To be the driving force behind Ethiopia’s growth by producing and supplying heavy and basic international standard chemical products.

Objectives:-   To coordinate and facilitate the development of the chemical manufacturing sub-sector to support the country’s economic development.


  • To manufacture and market fertilizers, processed rubber tree products, cement and other chemical products and by-products;
  • To undertake research and development, feasibility studies, design preparation, technology selection and negotiation, erection and commissioning of new chemical development expansion projects;
  • In cooperation with capable domestic enterprises to cause the design and fabrication of machineries and spare parts required by basic Chemical factories;
  • To cooperate with concerned educational institutions in producing the required type, number and quality of trained  manpower for Chemical Industry;
  • In line with the directive and policy guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance to sell and pledge bonds and to negotiate and sign loan agreements with local and international financial sources.

Core Values:- 

  • Committed to develop the country's Chemical Sector
  • Always look for customer satisfaction
  • Determined to learn and change
  • Committed for social responsibility
  • Take care of environmental development
  • Synergy is our foundation

Factories and Projects owned by CIC:-  

  • Mugher Cement Factory
  • Adami-Tulu Pesticides Processing Factory
  • Awash Melkasa Chemical Factory
  • Batu Caustic Soda Factory
  • Rubber Tree Plantation and Processing Project

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