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Batu Caustic Soda Factory Profile

Batu Caustic Soda Factory

Establishment:-It was established naming as “Caustic Soda SC” in 1993, to produce chemical products. The factory is incorporated Under CIC by the amended Council of Ministers Regulation No. 416/2017, and renamed as “Batu Caustic Soda Factory”

Location:-The factory is located 160km South West of Addis Ababa in Batu town( Ziway) in the  Oromiya Regional State,

Production Capacity:-Caustic Soda Factory had been designed to manufacture 21,978 tones of 45.5 % type liquid Caustic Soda per annum. To date, the manufacturing capacity of the factory is limited within 5800 tons of Caustic Soda and 12,000 tons of Quick Lime and Magnesium products per annum.

Main Products:- Quick lime, Hydrated lime, Magnesium Oxide, and Sodium hypo chloride (“Berekina”) product .  It also Produces animal feed stock (ground lime stone for poultry farm). 

Sales and Distribution outlets: - In the Factory (Batu town) and in Addis Ababa.

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